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Why choose us

Training & development

The recruitment industry is competitive and demanding and as a business our success is measured by our peoples’ individual success. We want you to be able to excel and to contribute towards a winning team. We’ll provide you with every opportunity to help you grow in your role as a recruitment expert at Hays.

Consultant training

Consultant training

Hays invests in its people. From day one, you will receive a welcome training, which will be followed by the 'New Consultant Training'. During this training, you will be immersed in the life and job of a consultant. You will not only have a group training that combines theory and practice but also an on-the-job training with the manager. Furthermore, we graduates the possibility to participate to the annual 'Hays Academy', a practical and thorough training. And on top of that, you can also count on our Field Coach to lift you to a higher level with individual training sessions.

Management training

Management training

Managing and leading others is one of the most important jobs in our business. We want to develop our people into great leaders and managers of people and businesses. Our programmes are practical and interactive, developing skills such as coaching, managing performance, building cultures and leading high performing teams. This training is delivered at regular intervals throughout your career.

Leadership development

Leadership development

At the most senior levels of the business our internal high potential leadership programmes provide accelerated learning opportunities for talented individuals. Our external global senior leadership programme, is built and delivered by some of the world’s leading business schools.

A look behind the scenes

Nathalie takes a look behind the scenes.

Nathalie, National Director, explains why working for Hays the right choice.


What does it take to become a good consultant?


What is our ambition?


And is the sky really the limit?


What are the challenges?

Listen to Griet’s story.


Griet, Recruitment Consultant at Hays Response in Brussels wants to tell you why she thinks her job is fantastic.


Which challenges does the job of Consultant offer?


What are the biggest drivers?


And why choose Hays?


Listen to Griet’s story

Work-Life Balance

At Hays, our people are invaluable. That is why we listen to their needs and ideas and we also dare to respond quickly.


When you get to work with us, you can be sure of a nice balance between your work and private life. Flexible working hours allow you to manage your own work schedule and thus combine your work and private life more easily.


We also offer an interesting holiday arrangement based on seniority.


The Health Program encourages everyone to work together to be healthy at work. We share tips about health and regularly participate in sports competitions at team level.


We also work on a healthy mind through our training in time management, so that you gain more control over your time.


Are there any problems? Then you can easily get advice from your colleagues, your manager or your HR team.

Uncapped commissionCompany Car
Discounts on retailDiscounts on retail
Buy or sell more holidayExpenses
Generous holiday entitlementGenerous holiday entitlement
Life assuranceGroup assurance
Maternity/Paternity leaveMaternity, Paternity leave
Pension schemePension scheme
Uncapped commissionUncapped commission


Hays XL Incentive


Why working at Hays is the right career choice

We try to motivate everyone as much as possible through both individual and group incentives.


You get the chance to earn a nice penny, do a nice team activity or just have a nice lunch together with your colleagues.


There are also regular joint actions that ensure a fun day at work. This all happens on the initiative of both management and employees.


And oh, did we mention that you could also win an exclusive trip?


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Great Place To Work

Hays has been awarded the title of Great Place to Work 2018.

Hays is particularly proud to be voted ‘Great Place to Work’ in Belgium in the category of organisations with fewer than 500 employees. A Great Place to Work is characterized by proud employees, good working conditions and a high level of trust, fun and respect within an organisation. Especially trust is a determining factor.




Robby Vanuxem, Managing Director, sees the title as a nice reward, but certainly not as an end- point. “We are living in a world of ‘change’, a mix of generations in the workplace, ‘work-life balance’, … We believe it’s necessary for our employees to feel comfortable with us. We realise that employer branding is becoming more and more important. It is not only about attracting talent, but also about retaining talent. Young employees attach great importance to a healthy work-life balance, without having to lose out on career opportunities. They increasingly choose employers who fit their own character and convictions in terms of culture, values and atmosphere. I am convinced that working on happiness, corporate communications and centralising employees lead to better business results.”




According to Gudrun De Scheerder, team leader Central Administration and at Hays for 20 years now, the fun atmosphere in the workplace makes a difference. “We are a very nice team, a healthy mix between young and old, ‘experienced’ and less experienced’. We also have a diverse range of tasks and a lot of contact with people. Furthermore, the management has a clear vision for the future and how our department fits this vision. Every day, we deal with an important aspect in people’s lives: finding a good job and ensuring a proper remuneration, answering their questions and providing solutions for the issues they are confronted with. I love to go to work because my colleagues, direct managers and also management make us feel very appreciated for our work.”

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Hays is Certified Member of Federgon

Hays Recruiting experts worldwide obtained the new quality label from Federgon.


Hays Recruiting experts worldwide has been a member of Federgon, the federation of HR service providers, for some time now. Federgon represents companies that are active in the field of HR services and job placement in the broadest sense of the word. The new quality label for Recruitment & Selection (RSS) is more than ever a guideline for customers – companies and candidates – and offers clear quality guarantees. Now that sustainability is high on the agenda, quality assurance becomes even more important. Quality is therefore a decisive argument when choosing a good HR partner. An HR partner that guarantees the right fit through correct analysis and through the right processes.


Hays is proud to have obtained the Federgon quality label for recruitment and selection services. It is a proof of our high-quality and professional approach.


Hays also obtained the quality label Interim Certified for the temporary employment sector. We invest daily in the good training of our consultants, achieving good results on external audits and respecting the procedures of the Mediation Office of Federgon.

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