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Our greatest asset is our people and the careers of our employees are our priority. Everyone at Hays has their own story of their journey since joining our teams.


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jean-christophe Serre

open quotation mark After eleven years at Hays, I would say that my best memories are related to my colleagues: time spent together, memorable parties, incredible incentives and lots of laughter.... close quotation mark

Jean-Christophe Noel
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Silke Wagemakers

open quotation mark As a consultant: making the right match. The feeling you get when your candidate agrees on a salary proposition is absolutely fantastic... close quotation mark

Silke Wagemakers
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Alexandre Bouvier

open quotation mark Almost 20 years of investment, activities, phone calls, development, discussions, meetings, team work, negotiations, successes and setbacks, resilience, work, but above all… pleasure and fun!close quotation mark

Alexandre Bouvier
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Nathalie Alhadeff

open quotation mark I love to work with people, I want to know their story, I love to see them evolve and grow. In my current role, I can contribute to their career growth and I really like that...close quotation mark

Nathalie Alhadeff
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Ilze Pastyn

open quotation mark Sharing my knowledge and introducing my new colleagues to the fascinating world of recruitment. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction.... close quotation mark

Ilze Pastyn
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